10 Commandments for the Warfare of the German Soldier

10 Commandments for the Warfare of the German Soldier
1. The German soldier will fight honourably for the victory of his people. He would dishonour himself by resorting to cruel deeds and unnecessary destruction.
2. The fighter must be in uniform or adorned with a visible and acceptable badge. To fight in civilian clothes without such a badge is prohibited.
3. No enemy that gives himself up shall be shot, not even the guerilla fighter or the spy. These will receive their just punishment through the courts.
4. Prisoners of war shall not be mistreated or insulted. Weapons, plans and records shall be confiscated. None of their personal belongings shall be removed.
5. Dum-dum bullets are prohibited. It is also forbidden to convert bullets into such.
6. The Red Cross is inviolable. Wounded enemy troops are to be treated in a humane manner. Medical staff and clergy are not to be impeded in their medical or pastoral duties.
7. The civilian population is inviolable. The soldier is prohibited from plundering or willfully destroying anything. Historical monuments and buildings, which serve the worship of God, the arts, the sciences or charity in particular are to be respected. Contributions in kind and services of the population can only be claimed for compensation by order of a superior officer.
8. Neutral territory cannot be included in the wartime actions through trespassing on foot or flying over it or through shooting.
9. Should a German soldier be taken prisoner, he must identify himself upon questioning by name and service rank. Under no circumstances is he to identify his affiliation with his unit or talk about the military, political or economic conditions of the German side. He must not be persuaded to do this through bribery or threats.
10. Actions taken against the existing orders concerning service is a criminal offence. Violations of the enemy against the principles outlined in 1 to 8 are to be reported. Retaliatory rebukes are only permitted by order from the higher troop leadership.

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