Another Voice of Freedom

Dr. Austin App (10 May 1980)

Ernst Zündel introduces Dr. Austin App, possibly the first American holocaust revisionist. He is speaking at a symposium at Mr. Zündel’s HQ in Toronto, Canada.

This video is created from a 2 minute film clip of Dr. App’s talk, the existing audio tape and black and white photos of the event.


Ernst Zündel On Modern Art

This was Ernst Zündel’s first appearance on TV. It was a program called ‘Under Attack’ on which he alone faced about a half dozen opponents on the subject of art. He was the most prolific artist in Canadian history, selling over 600 paintings but his theory about art had upset the proponents of so-called ‘modern art’. Unfortunately, it was in the early to mid 1970s before video was popular and so only audio was available. This is the audio plus some pictures of the time.